Spun Out Of Control Zone: Part II

In this episode, O'Reilly finds himself fucking with the wrong people. It first started with the falafel man comparing DailyKos to an organization like the Klan. O'Reilly of course received a response from Keith Olbermann as we all would expect but now he's hearing from not just one progressive blog, but many. The DailyKos post on Atrio's posts (can you say falafel day?) are just one example but many a liberal blogger has come to Kos' side to fight the simple minded O'Reilly.

In fact, many have come to stand up with Kos and O'Reilly has him a war on his hands - one where he is very, very outnumbered.

We're waiting for your next move, Mr. Falafel.

Update: I would be remiss if I didn't mention this excellent post by Kos. It gets right down to the issue and the real reason why Fox News is angry at the progressive blogging community.

From Kos:

"They've launched themselves into a pathetic tit-for-tat, now choosing to take time out of their busy schedule of lying about the news to making conservatives feel better about themselves in order to start lying about us, because we're finally to the point where we're starting to threaten their abilities to get away with their manipulative, hatemongering crap -- redbaiting, anti-patriotic blubbering that went out of style decades ago among all Americans but the most trembling and fear-driven and bigoted. They're battling us on equal terms because they have to. And by mere virtue of that fact, we're winning."

But take a look around the progressive blogging community today and you will see what is happening. Whether it's Americablog, Crooks and Liars, Jesus' General, or Think Progress, they are all working to show the world that O'Reilly is the phoney that we always knew he was.

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