Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em

MC Hammer has a new song out with a plea to bring the soldiers home from Iraq.

But, this isn't your typical anti-war song as you will see in these lyrics:

With all due respect, I haven’t been in your shoes
And man, it must be hard with all the things you goin’ through
Got the world on your shoulders, everybody watchin’ you
‘Keep us all safe’ and out the same mouth ‘We hate you’
I voted for you, and ’til this day I don’t regret it
When the funk popped off, you was there in a second
Showed ‘em what it is, taught them cowards a lesson
If they wanna go to war, GW’ll get at ‘em
You did what we needed in our darkest hour
While our peoples was dying in them burnin’ twin towers
Never before had we seen it like this
The enemies we lookin’ for was livin’ in our midst
So we brought it to em’ and we hit em’ where it hurt
Stuck they heads in the sand and knock they d**** in the dirt
They know what it is, Sir, job well done,
Now pick up the phone and tell our boys, ‘Come on home’

I don't know what to say at this point, I mean, great sentiment but a guy who grew up on the streets of Oakland voting Republican? And his lyrics allude to the fact that Iraq actually had something to do with what happened on 9/11?

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