Aww, Fishsticks!

One thing that isn’t being reported in the mainstream media but is very apparent in their online polls is the growing popularity of Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

Representative Paul is the only Republican from last night’s GOP debate to oppose the war and to say that we need to leave Iraq.

But because Paul does not fit the media’s image of what a candidate should be, he is overlooked or cast as a, “crazy.” Heck, Fox News accused Paul of being a Democrat. And in the eyes of Fox News, that is as good as crazy.

The thing is that Ron Paul sticks to his beliefs and values and will speak his mind no matter how unpopular, or as in his view of Iraq – popular it may be. But then again, Ron Paul is not a, “tow the line Republican.” He is in reality a Libertarian who happens to be running as a Republican and his views on many issues show that.

I do not agree with him on many issues but I have a lot of respect for a man who will stand up on stage and speak his mind – and truly believe in everything he says. How many of the other Republican candidates can do that?

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