Harsh Working Environment

I’ll admit I have been working way too much lately. I have had long days during the week and even weekends of working late on Saturday and Sunday. It’s enough to drive me nuts, and a short drive it is. But if there is one thing that has put me in a bad mood around work, it’s the realization that 98% of the people here make up the 30% that still support this president. It’s unheard of and boggles my mind. Just over the past several weeks at work, I have encountered some of this strange wing-nut behavior. You want examples? Of course I’ll give you examples.

For starters, everyone by now knows my co-worker, Teddy Bear boy. He is wing-nut extraordinaire. For every reasonable point I make, I can expect a number of talking points from the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, or O’Reilly. If the debate starts in the morning, I can tell when he doesn’t have any way to defend his point of the debate. The debate is postponed so he can, “Rush” to lunch, turn on some wing-nut radio and get his marching orders. Once he is back from lunch, the debate will continue with some fresh talking points from the right.

And I am not wing-nut free in the evenings or weekends. There is the night security guard who spends his time reading Anne Coulter’s “How to talk to a Liberal.” As long as I remember, he has been reading this book. It must be hard with small print and no pictures. I would think with Coulter’s style of writing that it would be easy for even a third grader to understand, but he must be stumbling around chapter 3. (Note to self: it’s time to start writing my book, “How to SPEAK to a narrow-minded racist c-nt: if you have to”). If this guy is so gung-ho about this administration and this war, why doesn’t he sign up to fight? I ask myself that question many times. He is young and already has a rank of sergeant with the security company, why maybe after the Blackwater contract expires, we could sign up XYZ Security Company to help keep the peace.

And then there is the, “Libertarian”. I haven’t heard a valid reason why he claims to be a Libertarian other than that is what most of the Republicans here call themselves to make them seem independent. When I am having a discussion with one of the other liberals at the company (the 2% of us), he seems to disagree with us, no matter what the topic is. I remember one such discussion with one of the other 2% that he overheard. We were talking about Halliburton moving to Dubai. As we were walking away, we heard the Libertarian blurt something rather incoherent out at us. We realized at that point, he was defending Halliburton. The, “Libertarian” who is an avid Bush supporter is now an avid supporter of Halliburton? Since when did the administration and this corporation get viewed in the same light? Oh, that’s right. Thanks Dick.

And then there’s the propaganda machine. I’m not sure if this is one person or many, but there is an effort to spread the crazed propaganda of the right-wing through-out our floor. Whether it’s the copy of, “Guns and Ammo” with the address box cut out of the front cover or some useless op-ed from the Fox Noise Channel, I get to see it when I grab my morning coffee. This morning was no exception. As I was picking up my statistical graphs from the color printer, there it sat, a political cartoon showing the Iwo Jima soldiers hoisting a white surrender flag up in the air. It was supposed to be some sort of jab at the Democrats demanding timelines for troop withdrawals. Simplicity and talking points at it’s finest, in the form of a cartoon.

I have about given up on the 98%. I can’t get them to understand; no matter how simple I make it, the problems facing us in this country. These are one of those times when they need to come to this conclusion on their own. But, living in ignorance is easy when you have so many external resources telling them how to think and act. Reason falls to the wayside when you have simpletons reciting talking points and clichés. No matter what evidence is shown, an opposing view can be made by the ones on the right who make noise. This is not a problem with my building, but a problem that we face everywhere.

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