My Pet Duck

With Easter comes the Easter Egg hunt at the White House and while our troops in Iraq may not be searching for WMD’s anymore, the kids get a chance to search for eggs. This is one mission that can be accomplished.

This year, Laura Bush will read the book, “Duck For President.” What I have found about the book is that a duck who is tired of farm life runs for President and finds that it is, “very hard work.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Now, without reading the book, I have taken upon myself to finish the story. This is only a guess.

The duck starts his term as President after the Supreme Court decision that said he beat Goose fair and square. The Duck, not being a very popular President decides that it’s time to fight the Pelicans because they have the capability of nukes. The Duck hastily claims victory and does not anticipate the insurgency from the Seagulls. Duck has a 30% approval rating but stays the course. Meanwhile, Duck’s Vice President, a Vulture accuses the geese of supporting the Seagulls and being un-American.

Well, something like that.

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