MSM Should Use Stewart as an Example

For those of you who have not yet seen Jon Stewart's interview with McCain, you owe it to yourself to go over to The Daily Show page and check it out.

Steve Young (author, not quarterback) has a great article over at The Huffington Post on how the Sunday morning talkers should use Jon Stewart's interviewing style as an example for the way they conduct their own interviews. I second that.

The fact is that the major news networks and their hosts aren't used to hard hitting journalism. They are used to softball questions or shouting over one another. Stewart consistently throws the hardball questions at his guests and expects answers. That's funny considering that Jon Stewart is not a pundit, a politician, or a journalist. Jon Stewart is an actor, a comedian, and a talk show host on a non-news channel.

But that's the difference. Stewart is not a journalist/politician/pundit and that is why we associate with him and he with us. He wants to know what we want to know because he sees it in the same perspective as we do, not as a seasoned reporter or a former politician. He expects the answers that we all expect from our elected leaders and he is not afraid to cry bullshit when he sees it.

It is also helpful that Stewart works for Comedy Central and not a news organization that is backed by Murdock or General Electric. When you don't have a big right wing hack or war contractor as your boss, I'm sure it helps you with your creativity and gives you some freedom to make your own decisions.

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