It's All Gone

In 2000, I had some respect for John McCain. Heck, I felt sorry for the man who had Bush's character assassination team after him. I actually believed, to a point, his, "straight talk express." That coupled with fear of a potential president Bush turned me into a Republican for one primary cycle just to try an help keep W out of office.

But that was in 2000. Here it is going on the 2008 primary season and Mr. "Straight Talk" is running again. The difference this time is that he has not stuck to his values and what he campaigned on in 2000. This time he has given in to the neo-con agenda and has sucked up to the Conservative Christian community - the very same ones he had indifferences with in the prior campaign.

On Air America this morning the comment was made that, "The Republican party did to McCain what the North Vietnamese couldn't do - take his integrity."

McCain has not been able to make it through a news cycle without saying or doing something stupid. He tells us that the streets of Baghdad are safe while 10, 20, 30, hundreds of civilians die. And, even after recognizing how stupid his comment was, he doesn't apologize and let it find it's way out of the news cycle - he tries to clarify his comment but does it in a way that makes him seem even more out of touch than before.

And there are many more comments and I could go on and I went from having a general respect for the guy to just feeling sorry for him. But the last thread of respect that I could have had is gone after seeing this video. We have some serious issues in the middle-East - do we really need someone on the national stage pulling these acts? Our lack of diplomacy with Iran is a serious matter, not an American Idol moment.

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