Dennis Miller’s Change Of Heart

Former Neocon and Bush advocate, Dennis Miller has changed political position. Not too long after launching his conservative talk radio show, Miller realized that he was not a good fit for his right wing audience.

Miller said, “My humor is way above the majority of my audience. For Christ sake, don’t any of these people read?” Miller said that he had this revelation after he made several jokes referencing Copernicus, The Colossus of Rhodes, and the Hodge Theory. None of the listeners knew what he was talking about.

Miller also said, “It amazes me that the people who call into my show can even dial a phone. After the fourth show listening to the repeated chants of praise to Bush as if he was Jesus I decided I had enough. I’m becoming a liberal”

Miller ended his rant by saying about his audience, “These guys repeat the same old mantras as if it were an original thought as if they were the first Homo Sapien to draw a stick animal using charcoal and blood. Stop living in the lower Paleolithic era cha cha!”

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