Workin' For The Weekend - Super Bowl Predictions

This Sunday is the big day. It's that time of year when men get together, place bets, drink heavily, eat unhealthy food, and throw things at the television. It's time for the Super Bowl and this year should be a good one. For the first time since moving to Indianapolis, the Colts have made it to the Super Bowl and will be playing, Da Bears!

It's also the time when companies spend outrageous amounts of money on advertising. Heck, for the cost of one Super Bowl commercial, you could probably fund the Iraq war for half a day.

So this brings up 2 questions. Who do you pick to win the Super Bowl and what company will produce the best Super Bowl commercial?

Here's my picks:

Colts by 3 and for the commercial, I already saw a preview for an ad that K-Fed is appearing in made by Nationwide (Life Comes At You Fast). But then again, Budweiser never disappoints on Super Bowl night.

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