Workin' For The Weekend - Are You Being Served?

We have all been through it - you go to a restaurant to have a nice meal and in return get service sent straight from HELL. The order is wrong, the water glass is empty, and yes by the way I did say hold the mushrooms. But then again, it's a crapshoot on whether or not you will receive quality service. Some servers love their job and it shows while others could care less.

Whether it's the ditzy but entertaining waitress at Longhorn or the somewhat entertaining waiter that loves to interrupt your conversation at Dewey's, it's time to call them out and name the places you have received the best, and worst service.

For me hands down the service at the Skyline Chili on Ohio Pike is the best. Some of the worst service I have received is at the more expensive restaurants and I don't know where to start. I would think that it would be a better quality of service, especially if you are forking out $100 for a meal.

And of course for all time best service and the greatest bar staff, my vote goes to our friends at The Comet. The place we call home.

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