News Briefs for Tuesday

Hat Meet Ring
Barrack Obama is (almost) officially a presidential candidate. He plans to formally announce on February 10.

Libby Libby Libby is a Liar Liar Liar
“Scooter’s” perjury trial opened today in D.C. Think Dick will testify? Think again.

All For Nothing
The United Nations reported that over 34,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in 2006. All in the name of Democracy.

Don’t Tell A Soul
It has been revealed that Israel and Syria have been holding secret peace talks. And behind our backs! But why the secrecy? I guess you wouldn’t want to set an example for peace to the rest of the world. I mean, pretty soon everybody will want to do it.

John Elway in 2008?
Senator Allard (R-CO) announced that he will not seek re-election to the Senate in 2008. Many a house set turned Democrat in 2006 in Colorado – do you wonder what the chances are for the Senate?

I’m Very Excite!
And Borat wins a Golden Globe. A very nice!

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