H E double hockey sticks

I'm starting to believe that Hugo Chavez is an incarnation of Cartman from South Park. Yesterday he told the Bush administration to, "go to hell" after their questioning of his plan to get special powers to legislate by decree.

While Bush & Co. is busy trying to piss off the powers in the middle East and North Korea, there is Hugo down South poking the monkey with a stick.

I'm not sure what he is trying to accomplish from all of this. As you may recall, he spoke in front of the United Nations and referred to Bush as, "the devil." I'll keep my opinions to myself.

Chavez also referred to Condi as his, "little girl."

It seems that Hugo has become the mouthpiece for the rest of the world as if he was hired to say what the rest are afraid to say. He is like the guy at the office party who gets drunk and wants to speak his mind.

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