DL News Briefs for Wednesday

I'm back at it again trying to make sure that I cover all of the headlines and my rants for the day and digging through the news so you don't have to.

The End Is Near
What a way to start off the news brief! Scientists have upped the Doomsday Clock which counts down to reflect the concerns of global warming. But hey, why are they worrying? According to this administration, everything is just fine.

The Forgotten War
It’s not only Iraq, but it looks like there is a possibility of more troops going to Afghanistan. Refresh my memory, but why are we still there? Are we looking for Bin Laden? Well yes, I guess we are and according to Fran Townsend, a Bush administration whack job, “…it’s a success that hasn’t occurred yet.” That’s kind of like my Pulitzer Prize in journalism for all of these amazing posts – it’s a success that hasn’t occurred. Hear that Pulitzer people? Failure is not an option!

Dubya Says, “Learning Ain’t Good”
The House is set to vote on lowering interest rates for student loans but the Bush Administration won’t go for it. Says one administration official, "Student debt loads have soared in recent years, and it is not clear that encouraging more loans is a wise course.” Do you hear that all of you kids working to better yourself? Find your own way because Dubya will have none of you in debt to the government. Besides, the minimum wage has been increased, you don’t have to go to college. Besides, haven’t you heard that they are accepting applications for 20,000 new positions in the military? And pay no mind that this administration has put this country further in debt, do as they say, not as they do!

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