Iraq Round-up

Last week the Iraq Study Group report was released and as you can imagine, the administration has done a complete overhaul of their plan in Iraq!

Wait, that’s not what’s happening. Since the release of the report, the president thanked them for dropping off the report. That’s about as far as it has gone. Meanwhile, Tony Snow needs more time to, “parse” the report and has accused David Gregory of being partisan because he is quoting the report word by word. Of course the friendly folks at Fox consider anyone involved with the ISQ a bunch of surrender monkeys but what can you expect from a, “news” organization that spends more time covering the war on Christmas than the war in Iraq.

And now the president wants to take some time and wait until the beginning of next year to decide what to do with the report and what to do in Iraq. No problem George, take all the time you need, it’s not like there are lives on the line here. The president said that he needs time to make sure he makes the right decision. I’m thinking any decision is better than the current course.

Not that it’s already a quagmire, but Saudi Arabia has decided that if and when we leave, they are going to back the Sunni’s in Iraq. So basically if the administration will not admit that there is a civil war in Iraq now, there will be one. And I’m sure the Saudis are not going to wait until after we leave. From what I heard, they are already funding Sunni militants to go to Iraq.

What do the American people think of Iraq? Some new polls have come out and most Americans want us out of Iraq. The same people support the findings of the ISQ and yes, only 36% of Americans support the president. Which leads to this question: Are there that many homes in the United States without television, radio, and newspapers? What hole are these people living in?

But at least there is some good news. Rumsfeld will serve his last day as Defense Secretary on December 18. Not soon enough in my opinion. If you missed the complete story on The Daily Show complete with a rant from Jon Stewart, well gee willikers, what are you waiting for? Check out the clip from Comedy Central here.

At least we have the ISG report but there are still enemies among us. Sean Hannity had an opportunity to speak to some of the troops over in Iraq and could have asked them some important questions like, do you have what you need to survive? Body armor? Food? Enough soldiers? He could have asked those things but in his feeble little mind, the most important thing to him was what the troops thought of Kerry’s botched comment from before the midterm elections. Way to support our troops Sean! What an ass-hat!

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