Drinking Liberally Holiday Party - NIGHT CHANGE (12/20/06)

This week we will be meeting up at The Comet at 4579 Hamilton Avenue in Northside, on Wednesday, December 20th, starting at 7:30 as always.

Wednesday is the annual Christmas show with Jake Speed and the Freddies, and everyone that was there last year can tell you just how good a time it was. If you've ever seen them before, you know that this won't be a serious Christmas concert, but rather a fun evening of bluegrass versions of off-beat holiday songs like "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and "Bubbie Made A Kishka" (ok that one they won't do, but you have to admit it would have been awesome if they did), as well as their usual play list.

Be sure to get there early, as the bar tends to fill up early for this show, and I don't know how many tables we can comandeer without people at them.

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