Workin' For The Weekend - Brush With Greatness

I believe Zack is down 'n out with the Blues today, so I'm filling in - whether he likes it or not.

This week's topic is based on a piece that David Letterman does from time to time called, "Brush with Greatness." It's where he picks members from the audience and has them tell America about their run in's with famous or infamous people and what happened in that encounter. Of course, at the end of the piece, Dave has them embellish the story a little bit to make it even more interesting.

I'll start off with mine. I was in Hollywood outside of the Kodak Theater near the grand opening of Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant. There stood Wolfgang Puck in the doorway greeting patrons. A red-headed man was speaking to Wolfgang, turned around and said to me, "Hey, that's Wolfgang Puck!" The man looked absolutely starstruck. I then said to him, "You're Danny Bonaduce." We then had a brief conversation about his latest television appearance where he fought Barry Williams (aka: Greg Brady). Danny ran off to who knows where.

Tell us your brush with greatness and embellish it if you'd like!

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