Painful Memories

In 1998 I attended a conference in San Antonio, Texas. One night, while eating Mexican food and drinking Sangrias along the Riverwalk, several flatboats floated by our table along the river. These flatboats can be reserved for dinner parties and are decked out with tables and waiters. As the first flatboat passed, I noticed that it had several men in black suits and sunglasses. The 2nd flatboat passed and on it eating dinner was General Colin Powell and then governor George W. Bush. As they passed, Colin Powell waved to us and Bush had that dumbfounded look that we have all grown accustomed to. Maybe it was the Sangrias talking, but I said, with a little hesitation to the group I was with, "There goes the next President and Vice President." Of course, I was referring to Colin Powell as the next President and George W. as the Vice President.

To this day, I often wonder if we would be better off if my prediction was accurate.

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