Busting Up A Starbucks

This past Wednesday, a group of Northern Kentucky Democrats were given the boot at a Starbucks in Newport. The Starbucks employee who kicked them out said that Starbucks does not host political discussions. Starbucks later apologized for the incident.

Starbucks touts themselves as a progressive company and according to BuyBlue.org, 100% of political contributions from Starbucks go to the Democratic party. In the past, I have hosted many Democratic meet-ups at various Starbucks in the Cincinnati area. Starbucks even allows groups to reserve tables for their meetings.

The problem is that they just happened to have their meeting on the night that a Starbucks employee who doesn't share the views of Democrats was working. The group wasn't disruptive, so what were they thinking? Did they think that the group was the French Marquis and the SS would arrive and bust up the place? No, my guess is that it's just another asshat living in post 9/11 world where Liberals are evil and conservatives are good.

Even though Starbucks has apologized for the incident, if I was the Northern Kentucky Democratic Party, I would take my business elsewhere. It's time that we stop dealing with narrow minded people and throw our business to places that not only appreciate our money, but also believe in our rights.

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